How to sneak like a real spy

So you want to spy on people like a real secret agent?  That’s good.  Being a spy calls for lots of sneaking around. (Of course, this is also true of avoiding chores at home, so I get plenty of practice.) When you’re sneaking around after…Continue reading

29 thoughts on “How to sneak like a real spy

        1. Ah, then you’re not talking about the office of strategic services, the predecessor to the c.i.a.? My mistake.

    1. Emily — Being a spy takes lots of dedication. You can start by practicing your code-breaking and surveillance skills, then move on to studying foreign languages. The exciting stuff comes later!

      Agent X

      1. i know a few codes and am in the middle of studying spanish and a have a little bit of practice in surveylance but im no tan expert or anything its just really fun to do

  1. Hi I’m new I need a partner. And I really need a secret headcorters I’m siked to be here and I need guidens. Please help. Love agent yellow fox

    1. Welcome, Agent Yellow Fox!

      If you can’t find a secret headquarters in your area, I’d recommend starting one of your own in a secure location. As for the partner, you’ll have to check people out very carefully before you invite them on your team. Spies are cautious!

  2. I have been spying ALOT at home,school,parks,etc. i love spying, its like apar of my life. I have a spy case and gadgets. Mr.hale i loOoove your books. Thank you for intr me to them. Ohhh, can you giVe me a Little mission to do at my house!?!?!? Thanks alot.
    – Crystal⛓⚔☠

    1. Dear Crystal,

      So glad to hear you enjoy my books and that you’ve been working on your spy skills. The best kind of practice mission to do at your house is one that focuses on not being seen. See whether you can hide in plain sight, or listen in on your parents or siblings without getting caught. That’s a true test of skills!

  3. i want to be able to be able to spy on people in my own house. I want to be able to know how to hide in small places, and stuff like that, All the INFORMATION YOU DID GIVE WAS good. thank You!!!!!!!

  4. i have my own cameras in my living room bedrooms and outside, also i have alot of spare time but i just came to this website because i wanted to learn how to be sneakier.

    1. Best of luck in getting sneakier, Isaac! You’ll find tips on this website and in my School for SPIES books like PLAYING WITH FIRE and THICKER THAN WATER. Happy snooping!

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