Hello, Merry Sunshine?

From the diary of Max Segredo I’ve landed in the single weirdest group home I’ve ever seen (so far). First off, Merry Sunshine Orphanage is in this spooky old house, protected by video cameras, a double front door, and spikes on the roof. Spikes? I…Continue reading

14 thoughts on “Hello, Merry Sunshine?

    1. So far, there are no plans for a fourth book. If there’s enough interest from readers, and if I have a good idea for one, I might write it. But so far, no. Hope you enjoyed the series!

  1. Will There be a 4th book? I, even afer reading 13,701 books (no kidding) i love this spy series the best.

    1. Dear Qwerty —
      So glad to hear that you love this series. I loved writing it too, but so far, there are no plans for a 4th book. Will let you know if that changes.

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