Ends of the Earth arrives

Book cover for Ends of the Earth

At long last, the thrilling conclusion of the School for S.P.I.E.S. series is here.  ENDS OF THE EARTH hit bookstores yesterday, and now you can learn the fate of Max Segredo, his father, and friends. When we last left him, Max was in a bad…Continue reading

15 thoughts on “Ends of the Earth arrives

    1. Hi, Sean

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. Right now, we have no plans for a fourth book, as I wrapped things up pretty well with the third book. But you never know — it’s always possible to send them on another mission!

    1. Ashlynn, I’m glad you’re enjoying my series. Sadly, that’s all there is for now, although I’d love to write a tale where Max and his dad tackle a mission together.

  1. i loved your playing with fire book! I’m exited to read thicker than ice and ends of the earth! they both sound like really good books! you are such a talented author!

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