Subject: Author Bruce Hale



According to best available information, Bruce Hale grew up on the outskirts of Los Angeles, raised either by a businessman and his wife, or by wolves. After childhood exposure to the book, TARZAN OF THE APES, he decided he wanted to become an author. (Or a pirate. Reports differ.)

As a youth, Bruce loved mysteries and spy stories, including The Man From U.N.C.L.E., James Bond movies, Get Smart, and Our Man Flint. Analysts suspect this may have planted the seeds for future involvement in SCHOOL FOR S.P.I.E.S.

After college, Bruce assumed various identities — gardener, DJ, cartoonist, magazine editor, actor, and corporate lackey. But always in the back of his mind was a return to writing.

Today, Bruce has written and illustrated nearly 30 books for young readers, including the Chet Gecko Mysteries, the Underwhere graphic novels, and Snoring Beauty. He claims no direct knowledge of code-breaking, disguise, or wiretapping techniques.

Some of his more suspicious claims — that he appeared in a movie, won the Nobel Peace Prize, hiked the Himalayas, and won an Olympic gold medal for the Underwater Nerf Ball event — are still being investigated.

Bruce was last seen on the streets of Santa Barbara. Approach with caution — suspect is armed with a wicked sense of humor.

Known aliases:

Agent X
Rico Suave