School For Spies is no longer in print.

Sad, but true. You can track down out-of-print copies by keeping surveillance at Amazon or other out-of-print booksellers.

Here's a clue:

Maybe you'll be lucky today.

What Is Agent X up to?

As you know, Bruce Hale (aka, Agent X) works undercover as a highly successful children's and young adult author. And often makes reconnaissance missions to schools to share his wit and storytelling skills.

If you haven't had the opportunity to enjoy his other books, feel free to investigate Bruce Hale's Official site.

It might seem that we've blown his cover here. Not so. The best way to hide is in plain sight.

Latest Book by Bruce Hale

Book cover with upside down dog.

When Fuzzy accidentally injures a student, the PTA president goes on the warpath. Could she really ban all pets from the classroom?

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