Spy Tips

Spy technique — How to walk silently

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Sneaking around is a skill that all spies need to master.  After all, it’s tough to steal secrets if you’re clomping about like an elephant in clogs.  Almost anyone can learn to move more stealthily.  It just takes a bit of practice and following these…Continue reading

How to do a dead drop like a real spy

How to do a dead drop like a real spy

One of the pleasures of writing a book about teenage secret agents is getting to research all kinds of cool spy skills. I mean, really, who doesn’t secretly want to be James Bond? In the course of writing Playing With Fire, I had occasion to…Continue reading

How to sneak like a real spy

So you want to spy on people like a real secret agent?  That’s good.  Being a spy calls for lots of sneaking around. (Of course, this is also true of avoiding chores at home, so I get plenty of practice.) When you’re sneaking around after…Continue reading